Welcome to H.A Jack School

Situated in the heart of the leafy surrounding of the north eastern suburb of Highlands North, Johannesburg. H.A Primary School prides itself on creating a valuable experience for each of the learners the enter through its’ gates with each passing year.
H.A Jack primary looks to provide learners with a stimulating and clean learning environment for learners to grow from strength to strength in the class room as well as on the field of play. We thrive on a number of support programs from our surrounding community that aid our students to progress through their individual life journeys.

Our Vision

To ensure quality learning and teaching takes place across the curriculum.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and stimulating learning environment, which ensures learners are equipped with skills, knowledge and qualifications to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

Our Passion

Bordering on its 70th anniversary, our school is one of many schools within Johannesburg to have gone through many transitions and play an important role in shaping the paths of learners that have entered its gates year on year and plays a second home to a number of learners. With that we look to offer a wide variety of support programs to assist students to progress through their individual life journeys.












What we offer

Stimulating sports and cultural activities

Sports and extra-curricular activity are an essential element of education. They are tools for living reflectively, joyfully and have the ability to shape the future.

CAPS Curriculum based education

We are an English medium school, mandated to carry out the CAPS curriculum to ensure that our learners acquire and apply knowledge and skills in ways that are meaningful to their own lives..

Feeding scheme

Our feeding scheme, made possible by the generous donations of our surrounding community, We believe every child needs to start the day with a nutritious meal in their stomachs to allow them concentrate on their school work for the day.

Adequate aftercare facilities

We have adequate aftercare facilities where students receive a lunch pack and have their homework facilitated on a daily bases

Upcoming Events 2019


School calendar 2019
  • Term 1:  09 Jan – 15 March
  • Term 2: 02 Apr – 14 Jun
  • Term 3: 09 Jul – 20 Sep
  • Term 4: 01 Oct – 04  Dec



Keeping you ahead with the latest school events
  • 24 May- 7 June 2019: Cycle tests


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About our school


Applications to study at H.A Jack School have not opened. We will communicate the opening closer to the time. Please note all students applying for admission to Grade 1 are to do so through the Gauteng Department of Education website later this year.

Our History

Our school carries a rich history since its establishment in August 1949. Take a brief look through the transitioning of our school in 70 years.

Our staff

Take a look at the beacon of hope for many of our learners. The teaching staff at H.A Jack are dedicated to making each child realise their dreams as a stepping stone towards career development,


The school governing body is always looking to run projects inorder to improve the conditions of the classrooms and sports fields. We are thankful for the many partnerships we have formed with the surrounding community that enables us to give our learners the best foundation for learning.