H.A. Jack Primary is a Section 21 school and carry out learning through the CAPS Curriculum. CAPS being the Curriculum and Assessment Policy statement, has been adjusted to aid students with knowledge, skills and values worth learning in South African schools. This curriculum aims to ensure that children acquire and apply knowledge and skills in ways that are meaningful to their own lives. The curriculum promotes knowledge in local contexts, taking global interaction into consideration.

We believe the curriculum is structured to allow a steady progression into the syllabus at each level and guide our learners in career development and shape their futures.

Our Educators
Grade R: Mrs. Nel
Gr. 1H: Ms. Hlongwane Gr.1 A: Ms. Mashatula Gr. 1J: Ms. Mathe
Gr. 2H: Ms. Mbanjwa Gr. 2A: Mrs. Faku Gr. 2J: Ms. Makhubela
Gr. 3H: Ms. Mojapelo Gr. 3A: Ms. Mathye Gr. 3J: Mr. Kutumela
Gr. 4H: Mr. Boya Gr. 4A: Ms. Mathobela Gr. 4J: Ms. Hasanjee
Gr. 5H: Mrs. Gunther Gr. 5A: Ms. Tshabalala Gr. 5J: Ms. Motstsi
Gr. 6H: Mr. Mbangambanga Gr. 6A: Mr. Cillier Gr. 6J: Ms. Msimango
Gr. 7H: Mrs. Malemela Gr. 7A: Mrs. Wapfaria Gr. 7J: Ms. Lebopa


Number sense

Grade R is the start of the foundation phase for learners who intend going into Grade 1 the next year. The Reception phase intake is from ages 5 and 6 years old. Activities comprise of fun learning material to develop and improve their mental and emotional readiness for the next stages of their learning paths while creating a joyful and memorable experience for the learner.


Life skills

Foundation phase (Grd 1-3) tuition is focused building language and mathematical skills through the existing National curriculum statement through CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement), in the interest of developing literacy and numeracy skills.


Social science
Natural sciences & Technology
Life skills

Intersen phase learners should now have developed reading and mathematical skills. Learners will now sit down to write formal assessments as set by the school that will contribute towards their marks at the end of each term.


Economic Management Sciences
Creative Arts
Life orientation
Natural sciences

The Senior phase being the final stage of primary, looks to prepare learners to further their academic expertise in high school

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H.A Jack is fortunate to receive academic support from various organisations and schools from the surrounding community. These are the support programs that take place on select days of the week:

  • The Link offer reading and Maths intervention for grade 2 learners
  • The Norwood grannies offer reading support for the grade 1 and 3 learners
  • Mary and Penny offer remedial classes for the foundation phase learners
  • The St. Mary’s girls offer reading support with the grade 5 learners
  • St. Mary’s swimming instructor Kelsey does swimming lessons with the H.A Jack grade 6 and 7 girls
  • Aunt Sophie offers counselling for  the learners
School Bursur: Ms. R Ralutanda
Administrator: Portia Moloi
Administrator: Nhlanhla Mpofu
Administrator: Wayne Hughes
Ground Staff
Mr F Mamabolo Mr C Kekana Mr D Hlaka
Ms Mampofu Mrs M Mabokela Ms. L Rapadhu
Chairperson: Mr. Monyuku
Deputy Chair: Mr. Manamela
Treasurer: Mr. Tele
Secretary: Ms. Moloisane
Parents member: Mr. Bopape
Parent member: Mrs. Matlala
Teacher rep: Mr. Mbangambanga
Teacher rep: Mrs. Malemela
Teacher rep: Ms. Makhubela
General assistants rep: Mr. Hlaka